"Every Child Is Competent Learner From Birth Who Can Be Resilient, Capable, Confident And Self Assured".

Curriculum refers to all the subjects taught in school and experiences gained by a child in a defined manner.

The Central Board of Secondary Education is constantly upgrading itself in bringing out the best strategies for school going children.

At Aravali International Schools, the educational strategy is designed to follow the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) pattern at all levels of academics.

We provide an effective framework for education through a relevant, broad, balanced, rigorously-taught and monitored curriculum.

Our curriculum at Pre Primary has been designed to nurture, inspire and encourage learning through activities. We tickle the imagination of our children so that they can explore, think and develop on their own.

The primary level seeks to promote holistic development by providing an innovative environment and a fun way to learn under the guidance of a skilled and dedicated staff.

The senior wing is singularly focused on stimulating different areas of intelligence.

The emphasis is on facilitating organised and analytical skills, developing social, behavioural and life skills, and inculcating a sense of discipline, responsibility and to evolve as productive citizens.