Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology

Aravali has a very simple yet effective method of teaching which is achieved by using the rhetoric approach. The lesson is essentially divided into 3 clear stages.

Clarification & Focus stage-

Teacher of all language teachers demonstrates, explains, illustrates, pre-teaches the necessary new vocabulary, grammar etc. in order for the students to do the first exercise.
Restrictive Exercise stage- Students do an exercise as stipulated by the language teachers to practice grammar structure and form, increase their English accuracy and test and demonstrate their ability on a given language point. Authentic Exercise stage-Students do an exercise that involves communication with language fluency practice which can be used and directly relates to- real- life and is meaningful. Such activities are normally enjoyable as they are flexible and allow the students to decide what to do and say for themselves. We believe-

Teacher as Counselor in the Classroom

It is important to empathize with our students. To do this requires acceptance and a deeper understanding of our students. This is not always easily achievable.

Acceptance should be unconditional. Accepting students unconditionally is difficult yet achievable. Empathic (deeper) understanding: It is better to accept a student from his or her standpoint. This requires the teacher to be adaptable and versatile in their relationships with students and to modify their stance from student to student.

Our stand is-

True communication is a two-way process.
Communication is mutual understanding.
True communication results in mutual influence.
The key to a good relationship is trust.
The purpose of teaching is learning: learning is changed behavior.
Admittance of our ignorance is the entrance to our own education.
Knowledge is more than information- it is conversion.
Careful listening involves patience, openness and a desire to understand.
Communication lies more in feelings than in words.